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Thank you!

I am so glad that you have requested my eGuide – “The 401(k) Rollover Handbook”. 

When you leave an employer and transition into retirement, you have some options for your 401(k) savings. This guide explains what those options may be and why specific options may be better than others. Your situation is unique, so this is definitely not a case of one size fits all. Only by understanding your options can you make an informed choice. The handbook also compares traditional and Roth IRAs, and notes early withdrawal and RMD rules that pertain to younger and older retirees.

Making a 401(k) rollover on your own can be a headache, and it may generate unanticipated financial consequences. You have 60 days to pull it off, and you must come up with funds that you may not immediately have on hand to complete the process (the handbook will go into that). Arranging a rollover with my help could mean less stress for you and allow you to retire without a sudden, unwanted financial concern hanging over your head.

Your decision about your 401(k) may turn out to be one of the major financial decisions of your life. I recognize that possibility, and that is why I provide this guide. After you read it, you will probably want to ask me about a couple of things – this option versus that option, or the income stream that your 401(k) savings could eventually provide.

Just call (949) 229-2262 or email me. I am ready to help you figure out the next step with your 401(k), so you can make the decision that will feel right to you.